“There are so many beautiful aspects of the parade!”

The Sint Jansklooster Parade that takes place on the 17th and 18th of August will be its 50th edition. It’s a special moment that requires special attention. The PR committee of the Christelijke Oranjevereniging (COV) is therefore busy with the development of a real ‘jubilee book’. A book that, according to initiator Egbert Lassche, will be a must-have for every parade lover!!

From idea to intensive process

It was a very ordinary PR meeting when the idea arose: developing a jubilee book portraying the role of the Parade in the Monastic community. The reactions from the committee were positive and the first creative people expressed their willingness to cooperate. Not only were the writing and photography talents of the committee itself put to use, but talent was also brought in from outside people who could provide both knowledge and (photo) material. The foundation for the book was laid.

Interviewing and taking photos

Themes were devised and tasks distributed. In the meantime, everyone is working on the development of the book in his own way. Egbert Lassche: “It is wonderful to see what material comes up during such a process. We have found beautiful old photographs, but the book will largely focus on new developments. So it will not be a historical book, but a book mainly about the present. Our photographers have been on the road several times in recent months to record all the steps of the construction process. “Egbert has consciously chosen to work with large, expressive images and short, fluent texts. “We really want to convey an experience – a book that one can flip through and get a good impression of the Parade. I predict a jubilee book with enormous value for every Parade lover!”


Are you interested in the jubilee book? If so, you can purchase the book in the presale via the website www.corsoklooster.nl/jubileumboek or at a number of sales outlets that will be announced in more detail at the end of 2018 . The book will cost 25 euros, but in the presale the price will be 20 euros. The books consist of more than 400 pages and are expected in November.