duitslandCnederlandompeting for the honour
The competitive element contributes to the strength of Sint Jansklooster’s flower parade. The fourteen participating groups compete for five awards, which are awarded by professional jury members. A brief description of the competition for the honour:

Award of honour
The most important award of the flower parade is the award of honour, which forms the overall appraisal of the event. Seven jury members consider the overall impression during the procession as well as the expression of the idea. The design, structure and layout of the float are also important, and the jury attaches great significance to moving parts, the finish and the correct proportions.

Theatre award
The theatre on the floats plays a significant role in the overall impression during the procession. In the last few years, the figures involved have grown to become a setting for choreography, musicals and theatrical performances. Therefore, the theatre component is judged separately. During the evening procession and during the flower parade festival, the jury specifically looks at aspects such as decor, role playing and the physical skills of the performers.

Illumination award
During the evening procession, all floats are attractively illuminated as they make their rounds. This produces fairy-tale scenes. The float with the most spectacular, innovative illuminations receives the illumination award. The jury also bases its decision on all the details being clearly visible to the public in the half-light.

Public award
The public generally looks at the flower parade from a different perspective than the jury members. Therefore, it is the visitors who determine which float receives the public award. You can state your preference on the back of your admission ticket. The admission tickets can be placed in the designated boxes at the exits from the parade route (immediately after the flower parade).

The Golden Dahlia
This award is based on the evaluation by the float groups themselves. The blank form for filling in the points and a brief explanation of how these points were awarded is mailed to the float groups one week prior to the flower parade. The completed form must be submitted to the chairman of the CC (preferably by e-mail) by 1 September following the flower parade. The award will be presented during the awards ceremony in September.